Semi Olympic Swimming pool in sports center Cala de Mijas

Semi Olympic Swimming pool in sports center Cala de Mijas

8 Streets Semi-Olympic Pool Project

8 Streets Semi-Olympic Pool Project.

Project linked to a sports facility aimed at the world of Motor and Competition that shares a plot and access but with an independent scope and circulation.

The building emerges from the ground on a base that takes advantage of the unevenness of the topography to solve the staggered section of the facilities. In this way the lower level remains as a heavy concrete element closed in its entire perimeter on which a metal box (exterior cladding) that collects spaces intended for public and users.

From the entrance, the circulation of access to the pool area is segregated through the changing rooms of different sexes and children and monitors, as well as direct access for spectators. All in the search of being able to facilitate to the maximum the control and the management of the facilities as well as the easy orientation for all the users.

Once past the access you reach the water room, where the space opens with a large orifice oriented to the north to improve the conditions of interior lighting becoming a viewpoint overlooking the golf courses and sierrezuelas that extend to the horizon.

The bioclimatic study at the level of space design and the different elements of the building make it a highly efficient space.

  • Date:December 20, 2016


General floor