Motor Circuit Cala de Mijas

Motor Circuit Cala de Mijas

Karting Competiton Circuit. Category A RFEA.

Project for Karting Circuit. Category A adapted to the Regulations of the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation.

With a track of 1675 meters and 9 meters wide, the route is adapted to the topography leaving the finish line in the highest area, extending three arms that play with different curves and cant along the circuit. A central lake serves as a visual reference in the center of the circuit while being embraced by the track that runs along its perimeter.

The building is located in the upper part of the plot, with that dominant position you have a complete perspective of the entire track from the different terraces and bleachers. The stands connect the different levels and uses in height. At the level of the track are the boxes and rental tent and changing rooms, above are the stands and areas of services, control, administration and federation, finally stands that give access to viewpoint area and terraces of bar and restaurant.

The building separates the control and verification areas for the federation from the competition zone connecting them strategically. On the other hand, there is the children's circuit and radio control that also extend along the back of the building under a covered viewing terrace where parents and RC fans can observe and control the action on the track.

The complex is integrated in the plot, placing uses and elements strategically to control the effects on the environment from the track and buildings design itself.

  • Date:June 06, 2016


General floor


Elevations & Sections


Elevations & Sections