Villa Reform in Marbella

Villa Reform in Marbella

Structural reform for a Luxury Villa in Marbella.

Sometimes getting an attractive image in an existing home is as simple as a change of materials, but depending on what type of final housing is the objective we can find that a partial restructuring of it is necessary.

In this case it has been necessary to eliminate the entire structure of the first floor, which had a sloping roof on its entire surface, to obtain space on this floor for uses that had to be moved from the ground floor to improve its distribution, create spaces to enjoy of the views that exist from a favorable position, and generate an attractive, balanced and current exterior image.

In this way it has been allowed that the interior of the house be communicated through a double height that generates a distinguished space at the entrance, and the diaphanous spaces, wide and in contact with the outside allow the enjoyment of the house and the plot from any point of this.

On the outside, built volumes have been eliminated that seemed excessive and not necessary from the functional point of view, recovering the sense of the plot as a space for enjoyment through a rearrangement both in the entrance area and in the back area with the pool and the different levels in which different uses and possibilities are proposed.

  • Date:July 23, 2018