Villa at Costa del Sol

Villa at Costa del Sol

Contemporary villa in natural surroundings

The project is located on a plot inside the Costa del Sol. The house adapts to the pronounced topography playing with interior volumes that communicate the spaces at different levels. Outside, platforms with panoramic views of the surroundings and the coast.

Volumetrically two pieces (day zone and night zone) are connected and strategically drilled to take advantage of the best views and sunshine. A decorative interior patio serves as a background perspective of the day area, taking advantage of bioclimatic element (cross ventilation - interior microclimate - lighting).

The house has a longitudinal development in which the spaces are discovered as it travels and descends to the lower levels. An interior route gives access to all levels in an accessible way (thanks to the elevator that communicates the entire house) while an alternative route directly communicates with the lower pool viewpoint without access to the interior. On the other hand, vehicle access can be done at two levels to make the living more comfortable.

  • Date:August 07, 2019