School at Guinea Ecuatorial

School at Guinea Ecuatorial

Type C2 center of 450 primery and secondary school students.

The project is proposed with a hierarchical organization of uses around the central square of the building. Three bands of use are differentiated. The first in the center, the square (meeting area and relationship between students and teaching staff). The second, a gallery on the ground floor and first that runs through the square around its perimeter and that acts as a link between the rooms and the areas of relationship. Finally, the band of uses, where the school stays are distributed (classrooms, administration, covered pavilion ...).

The outer band of uses is divided, producing at these points the connections between the interior and the exterior areas of the plot.

The main access of the building is produced by a wider band that crosses the building linearly from the access of the plot, with a sufficient dimension to absorb and distribute the flow of people in the arrival and departure times of the center. The other connections with the outside give access to children's areas, sports courts and areas of stay.

In height, the uses are distributed leaving the ground floor for common use areas and children's classrooms, and the first floor for primary classrooms, general uses and outdoor living areas (terraces and viewpoints).

Materially the building also changes from the inside out. The communication gallery visually limits its space with the interior square, by means of a metal latticework of tubular profiles in vertical arrangement. The private spaces are covered inside in their relationship with the gallery through phenolic panels, generating a more pleasant stay, while outside, they are protected by a deploye type metal lattice with different shades, which protects it from the sun and screens the visuals between inside and outside, it also generates a ventilated intermediate chamber capable of housing elements of installations, such as air conditioning devices that would be hidden.

In this way, the building is sculpted, molded according to the needs of the rooms and the relations of the uses of the building with the exterior areas of the plot. This is a functional building, with simple geometric shapes, a reflection of contemporary design and architecture.

  • Date:May 07, 2018