International Company Headquarters

International Company Headquarters

Multipurpose building for logistic use, general offices and residential.

The building is organized with a central building on the ground floor that contains public administrative uses such as reception and control, conference room, general meeting room and cafeteria. The rest of the buildings that complete the needs program arise around it. Formalizing the front image of the complex is the 8-level building that contains the use of general offices on the ground floor, complementing the program of the central building, and offices and offices on the first floor; the rest of the floors of the building are destined to apartments.

The set is completed by 4 buildings for the store of samples on the facade, and logistics warehouses and workshops in the back area, all connected through the central building. These warehouses have service areas and individual entrances with loading and unloading docks.

  • Date:June 07, 2018