Housing Reform in Marbella

Housing Reform in Marbella

Relationship outer space - interior

It is proposed in the integral reform of this villa to provide continuity exterior spaces to all interior rooms in which it is possible to achieve a fluid relationship of interior and exterior space. For this, a non-aggressive interior redistribution is proposed but that facilitates this relationship, in addition to the creation of exterior spaces at the level to be able to enjoy them.

The terrace level is widened and raised in the living room and kitchen area, which is also protected by pergola and also creates a volume of current design in addition to terraces for the upper bedrooms. The horizontality of the volumes added to the construction is broken with a stone wall canvas that is present both inside and on the facade, giving character to the house.

The spaces generated enjoy the plot, where the pool and its surroundings are used to improve the stay. A massage pool is also integrated.

  • Date:June 18, 2018


Exterior view


Exterior Living room


Interior Design