Extension of Ntrª Señora del Carmen de Granada Parish

Extension of Ntrª Señora del Carmen de Granada Parish

Create identity and improve image

Expansion Project for service spaces and parish halls of the Ntra Señora del Carmen de Granada Parish.

The project is born due to the needs of the Parish to expand its service spaces to the community. The program is minimal, two rooms one per floor connected to the pre-existing building.

The need to give a representative image to the exterior that the existing building lacked due to its homogeneity with the environment and the physical conditions of the street, it is necesary to generate an element that will generate a icon in front of the street circulation. In this way a white volume of corrugated and continuous artificial stone is developed in its front cloth, only broken by the arrhythmic preforations of the square windows and the cross taken from the upper cloth. In this way a white stone cloth wraps a wooden box with the side elevation from which it is accessed.

The side access facade is materialized with a composite panel finished in wood giving warmth to the building that welcomes visitors to the parish at this point.

The intervention fully respects the existing external access areas even reusing locksmith elements to minimize costs.

The building adapts to the urban norm, aligning to the facade on the ground floor and settling on the first floor, generating a volume of domestic scale. It is the materiality and geometry of continuous inclined cloths that gives it uniqueness.

  • Date:May 15, 2018


Main Floor - Second Floor - Main Alevation


Lateral Elevation


Exterior view